Technical Sales Services

GettyImages_73970377_cropKeen Support Services provides technical sales support to both you and your customer. By providing a professional presence for your company in the Silicon Valley, you can increase your company’s exposure, and sales potential.

Keen Support Services will learn and understand your product, so that we can present your solution in the most favorable manner to your potential customers. We have 20 years of experience in customer relationship building and more than 17 years of embedded computing experience, with a focus in wireless communications. We can speak the language of your customers — we understand the difference between 97dB and 100dB is not 3% and will help to educate your end-customer when needed.

We will work with your sales representative, or can recommend one for you, to enable a full presence at on-site meetings to establish both technical and business communication. We will both present your product and evaluate your potential customers. This can help us to identify some possible mis-matches in customer expectation or capabilities before they become a problem.

Your future customer will know how well your solution works with demonstrations of your solution at their facility. A good demonstration helps to eliminate your customer’s sense of risk, and places your company in a better negotiating position to front-end load your business contracts.

Ultimately, we will enable your company to close more deals, faster, by providing dedicated, focused and local attention on your customers without the expense of a full-time remote office.