Our Clients

Cycleo, Grenoble, France – Keen Support Services is pleased to provide technical representation for Cycleo in North America. Cycleo’s unique long range wireless communication technology is an excellent fit for Keen’s technical sales services. We provide a local presence for Cycleo’s customers.

Cycleo has also entrusted Keen Support Services to develop and deliver their 2nd and 3rd generation demonstration systems, consisting of both FPGA and Radio Frequency components. These compact and portable demonstration systems have provided test results that leave their customers satisfied that Cycleo’s technology does what they claim and is accessible now. Everything that Cycleo wanted in a demonstration system.

PLX Technology, Sunnyvale, CA – PLX Technology asked for the help of Keen Support Services in implementing a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) repeater demonstration. This unique system, enabled by the PLX 40nm-based TN8022 dual-port 10GBase-T PHY transceiver, demonstrated 10Gbps Ethernet data and power transfer over a distance of 300 meters using typical Cat6A unshielded twisted pair copper cable. This breakthrough distance achievement with low-cost Ethernet cabling brings new capabilities to IT managers seeking high-performance networking between multiple server rooms. In addition to implementing the PoE technology, Keen Support provided thermal and mechanical design to this project.

RivieraWaves, Sophia-Antipolis, France – Our second French customer, hailing from the beautiful French Riviera, needed a new analog radio interface demonstration platform. Keen Support was happy to help by reviewing the existing solution and implementing a new design to create an easy to use, modern and robust replacement circuit board.

Prior Experience

Wipro, Bangalore, India – Our Technical Services Manager led the development of Wipro’s 802.11n technology. The project included the development of an Atmel-based uProcessor board and 3×3 MIMO radio board. Both were used successfully in the demonstration of 802.11n MIMO capabilities.

Stanford Telecom, Sunnyvale, CA– While employed with Stanford Telecom, our Technical Services Manager worked on the development of the L-Band Test Set for testing of GPS IIF satellites. This included the development of FPGA boards, system measurement procedures for calibrating different RF paths to 125pS accuracy, and testing of spreading codes for conformance to the published standards. Later, he went on to lead the demonstration of Stanford Telecom’s internet over Satellite system utilizing South Korea’s KOREASAT-III KA band geosynchronous satellite.

HigherLogic, San Luis Obispo, CA– Assisted in the development of 2000 W and 4000 W switching power supplies for Xenon arc lamps used in the entertainment industry.